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Colonic Hydrotheraphy Irrigation Liz O'Sullivan Health Avenues Testimonials
" I feel like Liz has saved my life. I've been living with Parkinson's for the last 20 years and colonics have helped with some of the many symptons and side effects."  Rachael, Pershore
" I am a fitness fanatic, working out most days but I suffer with bloating and gas reflux. Colonic Hydrotheraphy has worked well to combat this and I would highly recommend. " Tim, Redditch
" I am currently recovering from breast cancer and my bowel was just not the same after the treatment. Thank goodness for colonics to help me get back on track. "  Sally, Solihull
" I have colonic irrigation every 6-8 weeks with Liz as a detox. I live and work in London so this keeps me feeling on top."  Charlotte, Islington
" I have on going IBS which keeps me feeling constantly bloated. Colonic irrigation is the only treatment that helps get rid of the bloat."  Mary, Warwick
" I chose Liz as she is a trained nurse and so professional. She makes you feel at ease and not at all awkward."  James, Wolverhampton